"Jemma had a wonderful, warm and calm manner with my 3 year old. She put her at ease and I was amazed at how relaxed my daughter became during treatment. I am so please with the results. I can't recommend Jemma more highly."



AG, Beaconsfield




"I would highly recommend the Bowen Technique.  After many years of searching, it's the only therapy that has worked effectively and quickly for me.  Jemma is an excellent therapist.  She is understanding and sympathetic to my needs and has been very thorough in her treatment.  In the short time I have seen her she has worked wonders.  During each treatment she ensures every issues is addressed and works thoroughly to ensure satisfaction and comfort.  Each treatment leaves me feeling realigned and totally relaxed.  I can't recommend Jemma enough - she is fantastic!"



VP, Oxfordshire



Lower Limb Pain

I have been delighted with the treatment I’ve received from Jemma.

After sustaining a nerve injury that resulted in loss of sensation in my leg and severe pain when walking, I sought therapy by the Bowen technique. 

Jemma is amazing!  She has a wonderful manner that puts you at ease straight away.  She listens thoughtfully and draws on extensive knowledge and many years of experience as a Physio and Bowen therapist, to understand the underlying problem quickly and accurately.

Her holistic approach has relieved my symptoms significantly after only four sessions, and has dramatically improved my quality of life, to the extent that I can now walk pain-free again.


I would highly recommend Jemma as an experienced Bowen therapist, and would have no hesitation returning if needed in the future.


KB, Oxfordshire


Frozen Shoulder

After nursing a frozen shoulder for 3 months with sleepless nights and little movement, I was looking through my weekly magazine only to find a piece on Bowen Therapy. I looked into this and came into contact with Jemma. After 4 weekly sessions and additional exercises which I do at home, I have regained much better movement and my much needed sleep! I am having one treatment a month to keep my shoulder in check. I owe a lot to Jemma as I wouldn't go down the medical route of a steroid injection, it has been a longer process but I am more happy with the outcome. I am sorry to be losing Jemma to Wiltshire/Hampshire, but she comes highly recommended by me and I am sure by others.


SN, Oxfordshire


Acute Low Back Pain


I came to the Bowen Technique with a typical ongoing musculo-skeletal problem: a bad back. Previously to discovering Jemma Jones I would go to a (very good) physiotherapist. But the treatment was ongoing with no resolution to my condition, demanding consequent numerous visits and expense.

After taking a full medical history, I was taken to a calm treatment room; Jemma settled me on her treatment couch and then very lightly "rolled" her fingers and thumbs over certain muscles, tendons and ligaments on my back, neck and down my legs. After a few "moves" she left the room, returning at intervals to continue the treatment.  

During the treatment I was extremely relaxed and comfortable, I felt myself going into a deep state of relaxation and the tension in my muscles spontaneously released.  Following my treatment I was more thirsty than usual and quite tired. I slept very well that night. The following day my whole body ached, in a good way. And throughout the day my back ached dissipated to a wonderful pain-free state.

I have been delighted with the treatment I have received from Jemma. After years of aches and pains it is the only therapy that has worked effectively and quickly for me. Jemma is a fantastic therapist, she has an holistic approach with a very gentle manner. She listens and understands the underlying issue quickly and accurately;  and, drawing on her extensive knowledge from both her Bowen and Physiotherapy background, she gives a very thorough treatment. In the short time I have seen Jemma she has worked wonders, I cannot recommend her healing hands enough.


OD, Wiltshire




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