The Bowen Technique

Bowen does not force the body to change, rather it is a catalyst, facilitating the body to fix itself.



The Bowen Fascial Release Technique is a soft-tissue, gentle, hands-on remedial therapy that prompts the brain to reset, repair and balance the body using the correct cues. Clients report the experience of pain relief, improvement of function and recovery of energy in approximately 3 - 4 sessions.


As a therapy, Bowen is a truly light touch. Using fingers and thumbs, the Bowen therapist makes subtle, gentle rolling movements of muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue at specific points over the body. Particular receptors are stimulated, connecting the brain directly to the area of the problem. The gentle approach of Bowen ensures that the body goes into a deep relaxation mode, allowing itself to repair, rather than an on-guard, protective mode. It is not 'no pain, no gain'.


Optimal alignment and function of our bodies depends on balanced muscular tension. Injuries, poor posture, emotional stress, illnesses and countless other influences will lead to incorrect tension in our soft tissues leaving our bodies malaligned, leading to different aches and pains and internal, systemic problems.


A Bowen move will stimulate particular receptors, connecting the brain directly to the area of the problem, allowing the body to reset 'incorrect tension' in the soft tissue and thus regain optimum function. At the same time it rebalances the Autonomic Nervous System promoting physical and emotional healing.


Bowen does not force the body to change, rather it acts as a catalyst to the body recognising its own imbalances and making the changes itself, thereby inducing effective and long lasting results.


Bowen is suitable for all ages, from the tiniest of babies through to the frailest of adults. Clients can be treated through thin clothing or directly onto the skin whilst lying down, although work can be effectively carried out with the client in a chair.



The Bowen Fascial Release Technique is named after Tom Bowen (1916 - 1982) from Geelong, Australia. He believed in the body's remarkable ability to heal itself. His approach is now known throughout the world.

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