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Bowen Therapy vs Massage Therapy

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Bowen is not the same as Massage!

Massage is well known to help:

  • muscle aches and pains

  • promoting blood flow

  • and a sense of relaxation

Bowen Therapy can help with all of the above, however it also addresses misalignment and imbalances in the body via promoting fascial release and lymphatic drainage as well as balancing the autonomic nervous system.

Symptoms treated can be acute from a recent injury or they can be more complex and chronic.

By slowly peeling away the layers, Bowen can surface root causes which are often buried under a disguise of

many, perhaps misleading, symptoms - thus prompting the body to heal itself.

A Bowen treatment does not always produce that instant relief that a massage can, instead it provides stimuli for the body to make its own corrections in the days following treatment. Some relief can be felt on the day but the most positive changes occur within a day 3-5 window post session.

For some people with physical or emotional trauma in their past, firmer more painful treatments with other therapies can be triggering rather than relaxing for the nervous system.

Part of the strategy of Bowen is that “less is more”, allowing for an easy transition for the nervous system from one being in 'fight or flight' to being 'in rest, digest, heal and reproduce'.

So next time you feel a niggle or are looking for some relaxation, maybe give Bowen Therapy a try rather than a traditional massage!

Jemma x

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