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How does Bowen Therapy work?

How does Bowen work?

A Bowen move heals via mechano-stimulation of fascia at precise points on the body, including some meridian lines, acupoints, neuro-rich areas, ligaments, joints and muscle borders.

Fascia is the layer underneath the skin that connects all the parts of the body including your organs. It is a matrix of proteins that create a body‘s form. It is a conductor for cellular communication. As the fascia becomes more fluid and mobile, flow and function of all systems is increased, including in the brain, the nervous system, blood circulation, and lymphatics as well as promoting detoxification and rehydration. Vital nutrients are now able to reach injured tissues and thus facilitate healing.

A Bowen move can possibly influence tensional integrity of tissue and nerves by:

· Supporting inflammation.

· Resetting proprioception - thus affecting posture.

· Stimulating spindle stretch receptors in the muscles which balance tissue tension.

· Stimulating electrical impulses that modify fascial integrity and induce secretion of healing enzymes.

· Regulating the autonomic nervous system. Balancing the parasympathetic (rest, digest, heal, reproduce and repair) over the sympathetic (fight or flight).

Bowen can be known to break through dysfunctional pain loops that can continue to fire despite there being no more evidence of tissue damage, both physically and mentally.


Your treatment will begin by taking a full medical and lifestyle history followed by a detailed description of any presenting conditions that may require treatment, as well as a postural assessment - all aimed at discovering possible structural stress points that are causing imbalances in your body.

Shorter consultations will be taken in follow-up sessions.

You are required to wear loose clothing, a T-shirt on top and baggy tracksuit bottoms or pyjama bottoms. You will be asked to lie on your front on the couch before turning onto your back. This may not be possible for you (elderly, pregnant or in too much pain) in which case you can lie on your side or sit in a chair. Babies will stay in their mum’s arms.

Small, gentle moves will be made over your muscles, tendons and ligaments at points over the whole of your body, either directly on your skin or through loose clothing. The therapist will then leave the room for 2-4 minutes to allow healing to begin.

You will be advised to move regularly after the treatment and drink water to keep lymphatics moving and allow elimination of toxins.

A list of regular medication must be brought to your first appointment. You must not stop any prescribed medication unless advised by your GP. Bowen is not a substitute for medical advice. If at any point it is deemed inappropriate for you to receive further treatment, you may be advised to see an alternative practitioner of a suitable technique, a physio or osteopath for exercise advice, or in some cases back to your GP.

A full treatment including consultation lasts up to 60 minutes.

Treatments should be between 5 and 10 days apart. An initial treatment will address the whole body creating an awareness that allows it to reset “incorrect tension”, prompting it to act as a whole again.

A course of 3-4 treatments over a period of 3-4 weeks are normally recommended in order to address the body from all angles, initiating structural change. Chronic conditions may take longer. Treatment plans are client specific.

We all inflict stresses and strains on our bodies and minds through the busy stressful, sometimes repetitive, lifestyles we have adopted and are therefore constantly making ourselves vulnerable to injury and stress. Regular Bowen top-ups can help strengthen and balance our bodies, enabling us to deal with these environmental factors more easily. Many people have follow-up treatments every 6 weeks to 3 months for preventative and maintenance measures.


Reactions to treatments are not uncommon and can demonstrate that the body is responding to treatment. Reactions can include thirst, tiredness, hot and cold flushes, water retention, headaches, flu-like symptoms, increased dream activity, mood change, temporary increase in original symptoms, or resurfacing of old injuries.


No other bodywork should be received during the course of your Bowen treatment.

e.g. reflexology, massage, shiatsu, reiki, physio, chiropractic or osteopathy. This is to ensure your body is not overloaded with information and/or given differing therapeutic information to deal with at the same time.

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