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The Benefits of Bowen

Bowen is extremely gentle. It is suitable for the frail, the elderly, newborn babies, chronic fatigue and ME - where often other therapies are too strong.

No cracking or painful pressure. No adjustments or manipulation.

Bowen does not force the body to change, rather it asks and guides the body to heal.

Clothing can stay on.

Relief is regularly felt immediately, most cases start responding within 48 hours.

Bowen has been reported to:

Prevent re-injury and improves performance

Improve quality of sleep

Enhance mood elevation and feeling of well-being

Increase the ability to concentrate and focus

Promote general relaxation

Promote a positive outlook on life

Bowen integrates the mind-body connection

Regular Bowen treatments can enhance sporting performance and reduce the incidence of injury. When injury does occur (soft tissue damage) Bowen can bring rapid relief and a quicker return to sport/activities.

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